Temporary Van Insurance

There are many occasions when you need to use a van, but generally this cannot be covered by your annual car insurance policy, so online Temporary Van Insurance via InsureDaily proves to be the ideal solution. When might this be useful? Here’s a few examples:

  • Comprehensive Cover from 1-28 Days
  • Five Simple Questions for a Quote
  • For Drivers Aged 19-75
  • Short Term Learner Drivers Cover for 17yrs+
  • Instant Online Cover

We understand that not everyone requires a van all the time but there are certainly some occasions when having a van can prove to be extremely useful. For example, when moving house or collecting large household items from Ikea.

If you require Instant Comprehensive Cover for driving a van from 1-28 days, InsureDaily may be able to help you out. Please note, drivers need to be aged between 21 - 75 and hold a full UK driving licence. Oh, and it won’t affect your NCB is someone has a claim in your van whilst covered with an InsureDaily Temporary Van Insurance policy – result!

Insure Van Temporarily

Example One: Mrs Hughes has offered to help out at a local charity event, which is arranging a 'house clearance' sale, with many local people offering up unwanted furniture and goodies for the charity to sell at the event.

A neighbor has kindly offered her the use of his van to collect the furniture and take it to the event, provided that she arranges the relevant insurance cover. He tells her about InsureDaily. That evening she arranges cover to start for the weekend, when the event is happening.

Comprehensively insured, Mrs Hughes is able to use the van in confidence - with her insurance documents download - and she helps the event to raise £640 for the charity.

Simple to use and competitively priced, InsureDaily helped Mrs Hughes when she needed additional van insurance cover.

One Week Van Insurance

Example Two: Mr Clifton has his van, which he wants to take on holiday with him to Norfolk. The day before going he sprains his foot playing football, and is unable to drive. His girlfriend, who was joining him on holiday, agrees to do the driving for the week away.

They take out a policy with InsureDaily to cover her as an additional driver on the van for the week. Whilst away, his girlfriend has a small accident, which is her fault. She reports the incident immediately to InsureDaily and they deal with the claim.

Mr Clifton is delighted to find out that the incident has not had any negative effect to the No claims Bonus he has been building up, as the One Week Van Insurance policy is deemed separate to his annual policy.

Get Temporary Van Insurance

Getting a Temporary Van Insurance quote from InsureDaily is simple. The whole process is done online and is completed within a matter of minutes, with the policy documents and insurance certificate sent straight to your email inbox.

There are some exclusions however, so pay close attention to those when running through your quote.

To get a quote, simply visit our website.

Temporary Car Insurance – All You Need to Know

What is Temporary Car Insurance?

Temporary Car Insurance is there for when you only need car insurance for a short-term period and allows you to pay for how long you need that cover for.

So, if you need to drive a different vehicle for a day, a week, or a month this could be a cheaper and easier alternative to annual insurance for you.

Ramasis Limited offers a competitive comparison of short-term car insurance providers, and it’s quick and easy to get a quote for anywhere from 1-28 days.

Do I need Temporary Car Insurance?

If you’re wondering what circumstances you might need temporary insurance in or whether it might apply to you, here are some of the reasons that people purchase temporary insurance:

  • To borrow someone’s car whilst yours is being repaired or serviced.
  • To test drive a car
  • To use a friend or family member’s car whilst staying with them
  • To share the driving when going on a long journey or going on holiday
  • To insure yourself between the end of one annual policy and the start of another

There are obviously many more reasons that people need temporary car insurance, but these are some of the most common reasons.

How do I get Temporary Car Insurance?

Most short-term car insurance providers are online-based, and it can be really easy to get a quote in seconds and be covered in only a few minutes.

One Day Car Insurance

One day policies are the most popular and frequently used short-term policies due to the convenience and demand for being able to drive a different car to normal for one day, whether it’s to go on holiday, visit a relative or go to work whilst your car is in the garage, these are by far the most common policies and we compare one day car insurance providers to make sure you get the best price.

Can I get temporary Van Insurance?

You can get temporary van insurance for anywhere between 1-28 days, and getting a quote and getting cover is just as easy as for a car. So, whether you need short-term cover on a van while you’re moving house or just to use whilst your van is being repaired, you can get a quote in seconds here.

Learner Driver temporary car insurance

You can get temporary insurance if you’re learning to drive too. This can be helpful in learning to drive quicker whilst also saving money on lessons. You can get learner insurance from anywhere between 1 day and 1 year, so whether you just want to practice for an afternoon or you want to learn in your own car or a borrowed car for a year, you can get the right insurance for you here.

Does temporary car insurance show on MID?

It can take up to 7 working days for temporary insurance to show on MID which with short-term policies can mean the policy will have expired before it shows on MID. However, just because your cover does not show on MID yet does not mean you are not insured. The best way to know if and when your car is insured is to check your documents after you have purchased insurance and to keep a copy of these on you or make sure you have access to them on your email.

Why is temporary car insurance so expensive?

Temporary car insurance can be expensive depending on your circumstances. For insurers, the risk for insuring for 1 day and 1 year can be the same, so sometimes it can be more expensive than you might expect for short term policies. However, at InsureDaily we strive to offer the best, cheapest temporary car insurance on the market.

Is temporary insurance better than adding someone to my annual policy?

You could add someone to your annual policy on a short term basis with most insurance policies, however doing so can affect the price of your annual cover and would affect your NCB on that policy, so the better option and usually cheaper option is often to take out a separate temporary insurance policy.

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